Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Hi all,

Today I am back with a review of the Revlon PhotoReady Concealer!

Recently, I was at Chemist Warehouse and I noticed that Revlon was 50% off. Now, I usually don’t even look at Revlon products because in Australia I find them to be overpriced and a bit boring – both formula wise and packaging wise. Nothing really stands out for me and compared to other products on the market, they haven’t ever really caught my eye. But because it was 50% off, I thought I’d at least have a look.

I came across this concealer called the Revlon PhotoReady Concealer. Now usually, I would go running in the other direction at the first sight of this. Why? Because it’s a stick concealer. Yep, a stick concealer, and no, this isn’t 1998. Stick products (for some reason) have made a huge comeback this year with more and more companies making them creamier and more flawless than that horrible 90s trend. Whilst I can’t say I’m on board with this comeback in any way, I thought I would keep an open mind with this particular concealer. What really sold it to me was not only that it was 50% off, but also the fact that famous YouTuber Tati Westbrook had once mentioned that this concealer was a favourite of hers. I love Tati and I watch her videos all the time so I thought I would give this concealer a go whilst it was 50% off.


So I bought the shade medium and I have been trying it out over the last week or so and I can’t say I love it (sorry Tati!). Let me summarise what I like and don’t like about it:


  • Creamy formula
  • Not too thick
  • Glides on and blends out easily
  • Convenient packaging


  • The formula is creamy and thick, which made me expect that the coverage would be medium to full. Instead, it is a sheer to light coverage on me and I find that it hardly covers any of my dark circles! It does very little to actually conceal anything. I find my Fit Me concealer by Maybelline to do a much better job at covering dark circles than this.
  • Can look cakey after prolonged wear. Settles into fine lines easily.
  • Is obvious that you are wearing makeup.
  • Limited colour selection (at least in Australia). There are only 3 shades – light, light-medium and medium. Does not cater for darker skin tones in AUS.


SWATCH: Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in the shade Medium. Left side is blended out and right is a unblended.


Overall, this concealer was a miss for me and I will not be repurchasing. It may be better suited to girls starting out with makeup because it is light coverage, easy to apply and shouldn’t be an issue on young girls with no fine lines under the eyes.


Mano xx


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